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Bike Riding Tuscany is a team of bicycle enthusiasts and fully qualified guide for an amazing guided tour in Tuscany.

I Was born north of Italy, worked for many years in the interior design industry, moved to Tuscany in 2008. I become mountain bike and road bike instructor for an innate passion for biking. Being so fortunate to live in such a stunning countryside I decided to make myself available as fully qualified guide for all lovers and enthusiasts of the bicycles- from the mountain bike to the classic road bike  – leading people through this world-wide famous territory  with its gravel roads and amazing hills!

Biker Riding Tuscany takes big and small groups of enthusiastic guided tours on back roads that cut through some of the most picturesque places around Siena, in the south of Tuscany.

You will find yourself  riding  on the famous Eroica roads,  passing through medieval villages and  ancient cities,  simply enjoying the beauty of the nature around you.

But Tuscany is also  well renowned for the rolling hills – because of this we provide our guests with lightweight state of-the-art road bikes, as well as the odd lift in the company van.

No one in your family or group of friends will forget the sheer joy of the ride, the beauty of the vineyards and farmhouses and the delicious homemade meals in the local trattorie, washed down with some of Italian most “noble” wines!

Day trips and tours are private.

We customize depending on your accommodation request , your cycling level and your needs.

Bike riding Tuscany

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