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ride Tuscany


Ride Tuscany roads is an amazing experience!!


I wasn’t born in Tuscany but I have  been here  many times on holidays always surprised by this peaceful and very beautiful land.

I originally come from Bergamo, north of Italy,  and I did not enjoy riding a road bike because of the very bad traffic, but not in “ride Tuscany”. (altro…)

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Bike Riding Tuscany  team has  been on a bike trip in Palma De Mallorca a couple of time July 2015 and November 2016.It was a scouting trip as well as dreamed vacation- It was very successful we had a blast – we already have up-dated our ROAD ROUT IN MALLORCA. (altro…)

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Tuscany self guided

Cycling  around the heart of Tuscany 

Here we are, are you ready to take a ride  the heart of Tuscany self guided?

Be aware there are many hills to climb but your efforts will be very well rewarded.

The route we have selected takes you along quite  country lanes passing through  farmland and small  villages,  vineyards , golden fields , rolling hills , ancient monasteries and medieval forts. Visiting  Pienza, Montalcino, Siena and  the Chianti area , you will experience   the true essence of Tuscany, where history and nature  fill the heart as water fills a well.


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tuscany Tour

Once in a lifetime cycling experience.

Join us on this total immersion into Tuscany tour: back roads head into rolling hills and through the fortified medieval villages of an untouched Toscana. Goal of the bike trip is also enjoy the genuine tuscan cucina: fruity olive oil, pecorino sheep-milk cheese and classic best Tuscany wine:
Brunello, that has made Tuscany so famous, Chianti Classico and Nobile.

You will taste a selection of our favorite producers during our special events.
Traveling with a small group of fellow adventurers and Tuscany’s leading biking guide, you’ll enjoy a wonderful combination of nature, culture, cuisine and fun.


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dolomites bike tour

Food & wine cycling trip at mountain

Ready to dive into the spectacular Dolomites World Heritage site?

yes!!! you can with the Dolomites bike tour

Embark on a pleasant bike tour through breathtaking mountain scenery, onion-domed churches, quaint mountain villages, orchards, vineyards and castles.
The Dolomites were inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage list since  2009. (altro…)

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Mallorca bike trip tramuntana


Come and explore MALLORCA by bike!!!!! Everyone agrees that Mallorca, apart from its profound beauty, has a special charm, that allows cyclists to enjoy pedalling surrounded by culture, tradition and gastronomy. It’s easy to understand why the number of cyclists who visit us every year, is increasing.

We offer you the possibility of giving the whole return to the island, you will be able to enjoy 350 km from secondary roads. (altro…)

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bike chianti tour

Day cycling tour Tuscany, Bike Chianti trip

If you are enchanted by the ethereal photographs you have seen on our web site and all over the world, we urge you to consider spending a day by bike in Chianti countryside, cycling at your own pace through vineyards and olive groves

intermediate level 

35 miles – over gently rolling to rolling terrain (altro…)

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Montalcino bicycle

Montalcino bicycle

Challenging level: 43 miles –rolling terrain with some challenging climbs.

Montalcino bicycle tour start in  the hot springs  town of RAPOLANO TERME  . We follow the street to ASCIANO in the middle of the Crete Senesi land. Soon we start uphill one of the most scenic roads we have in Tuscany and reach SAN GIOVANNI D’ASSO the town of the with truffle. After we ride in a flat area until TORRENIERI where we have the last climb to  MONTALCINO  by bicycle to the town of the very important Italia wine, the  “Brunello wine”. 


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bike tour Cortona

Bike tour Cortona, bike trip Montepulciano

Beginner level: Eveybody can face this bike trip: we start from Montepulciano town  with a 6 km downhill and ride across the Valdichiana valley to get to the famous town of Cortona.After the long downhill we keep going cycling on flat secondary road until to the bottom of Cortona’s hill. You can enjoy the “gondola service” whenever you want. So bike tour Cortona trip is for everybody


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Rapolano Terme - Siena

Ride from Rapolano Terme to Siena

Challenging level: 30 miles –rolling terrain with some challenging climbs.

The Rapolano Terme – Siena tour start in the hot springs town of RAPOLANO TERME. We follow the street to CASTELNUVO BERARDENGA. Soon we start uphill ,we pass through the Chianti area  surrounded by olive groves and  vineyards and reach  Siena , famed for the “Palio”, one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany. Set on three hills, the city is drawn together by winding alleyways and steep steps, whilst the Piazza del Campo stands at its heart, and the Duomo and St Maria della Scala serve as additional cultural landmarks. (altro…)

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