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ride Tuscany


Ride Tuscany roads is an amazing experience!!


I wasn’t born in Tuscany but I have  been here  many times on holidays always surprised by this peaceful and very beautiful land.

I originally come from Bergamo, north of Italy,  and I did not enjoy riding a road bike because of the very bad traffic, but not in “ride Tuscany”. (altro…)

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Bike Riding Tuscany  team has  been on a bike trip in Palma De Mallorca a couple of time July 2015 and November 2016.It was a scouting trip as well as dreamed vacation- It was very successful we had a blast – we already have up-dated our ROAD ROUT IN MALLORCA. (altro…)

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I had the pleasure to ride a SUPERSIX EVO HI-MOD RED ETAP CANNONDALE bike with SRAM eTap test in the beautiful country side of Tuscany.
I had a 4 days ride test starting from from I have cycledhad cycling for 4 days from the Val D’orcia, until to the Chianti area all through the secondary road of Siena .
I made many kilometers in the famous up and down Tuscany hills, feeling like a child with a new toy to play with : a Sram   electronic shifting system to test.
What I can say it was a very GOOD experience.
It was supposed to be simple and I confirm the shift is very easy to use.

It’s a logic that is simplified for speed: right lever makes it harder, left lever makes it easier, both levers to change the front ring. You’ll shift more, with less effort and spend less time doing it. Carbon ErgoBlade™ levers and large SRAM eTap paddles provide positive controls for rider input.
Wireless connection via AIREA™ network for fast and clean installation : no cable, your bike looks very clean.
The Revised ErgoBlade levers provide confident control and eTap logic and positive feedback paddles eliminate shifting mistakes.

When I check the bikes for the rental I usually test the sound of the gear….I’m used to bikes with traditional gear working like a “violin” and I must admit that electronic gear is like having a “stradivari” violin !!!

Only one flaw : the price .

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