Gravel bike  day trip is amazing experience through the famous gravel road around the province of Siena.The tour start from Rapolano and we can ride until to Siena or in the Chianti Area. We ride through the gravel road climb to Monte Sante Marie.

L’Eroica was inspired by classic cycling, by cycling in black and white told in the newspapers of the early ‘900 to that of the duel between Bartali and Coppi up to more recent times in which, however, they were still used the cages to the pedals and the shift levers on the down tube. By convention the year 1987 was chosen as the borderline between classical cycling and modernity.Unless otherwise indicated on the websites of the individual events, the Eroica events may only be entered with Heroic Bicycles or Vintage Style Bicycles which have the characteristics specified below.For Heroic Bikes (or Vintage Bicycles ) we mean all road racing bikes built until 1987 included both with gearbox and without gearbox, such as those built in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

Now we can enjoy the famous gravel on the road of Eroica by the new Gravel bike.

Their adaptability, versatility and ruggedness makes them the perfect commuter bike, an ideal light touring or audax bike, a great winter training bike, or simply one bike that can tackle any sort of terrain you care to take it along. If ever there was a case for the one perfect bike for the British non-racing cyclist, then an adventure bike is probably it.

The US gravel racing scene hasn’t been much emulated in the UK yet, but the style of bike has piqued the interest of British cyclists. The idea of the bigger tyres and relaxed geometry that promotes extra comfort when the going gets rough and bumpy is very attractive given the generally poor state of repair of UK roads. Let’s be honest, in many places they’re almost gravel anyway.




All inclusive fee for each itinerary
2-3 people: Euro 170/each
4-5 people: Euro 140/each
6-8 people: Euro 130/each
9-25 people: Euro 110/each 


Bike rental hybrid or Gravel  & equipment
Bike guidance
Van service for transfer and support

cold water available

Note: Point of departure is flexible depending on clients’ accommodation.  If you are farther away from the point of departure, feel free to ask us for a custom-made itinerary to suit your location or any other special needs you may have

Day trips are arranged for a minimum of 3 people 

If you are only  2 persons we can arrange a loop from Rapolano Terme  or from your location ( flexible ) ,  no van service, with bike rental  & equipment + bike guidance.


need to rent a bike ?
no problem we can rent three models of bike.
road bike, hybrid bike , electric bike
Gravel  bike price : 40€  a  day  / one week 210€ +delivery
price electric bike: 40/45€ a day / one week 210€ +delivery

The cost about the delivery depends on your residence.




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